Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a vehicle wrap?

There are two categories of vehicle wraps, color change wraps and commercial wraps. Color change wraps are an affordable alternative to painting your vehicle. The vinyl wrap media comes in about any color you can think of and is installed directly to the vehicle. In many cases, our vehicle wraps have been mistaken for custom paint jobs. Commercial wraps consist of a design that is printed on our HP Latex onto the highest quality vinyl. The print is then laminated to prolong the lifespan of the wrap and then applied to your vehicle.

How much is a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wraps vary in price. At T-Wraps, we price the work based on the square footage of media being utilized for the job and based on the complexity of the vehicle.

Do we offer design services?

We do have a design team with decades of experience in vehicle wrap designs and more.
Our design team will work with you throughout the design process until you are satisfied with the outcome.

How are the graphics printed?

Our team takes the graphic file for that vehicle and brings it to scale based on the measurements taken of that vehicle. The graphics are then printed on our large format printer.

How long does a vehicle wrap take?

It does depend on the complexity of the vehicle and the amount of vinyl used to wrap the vehicle. Typically, once graphics have been approved we estimate three business days to one week for install. However, we know how important having a vehicle is so we can work with your schedule to relieve you of as much inconvenience as possible.

Can a vehicle wrap be removed?

The majority of wraps can be removed. We primarily use a non-permanent vinyl that can be removed fairly easily if it was properly maintained. We still do advise that you have a professional remove it to avoid any unnecessary damages that may occur.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

It does depend on the quality of material used for the wrap, the conditions the wrap is exposed to, and how well the wrap is maintained. Here at T-Wraps, we only use high quality vinyl, so they should last between seven and ten years on vertical sections of a vehicle that are not heavily exposed to the sun. Horizontal sections of a vehicle such as the hood and roof last between three to four years. We also recommend hand washing wrapped vehicles to help maintain and prolong the wrap.

Can I see through a wrapped window?

There are two different types of window wraps, opaque and perforated. If you choose
perforated, then yes, you can see through your window as a driver.

Is it worth it to wrap my car?

A branded wrap is like a salesman that never quits. A billboard that can’t be missed. Wrapping your vehicle not only exposes your business to the public, but you become an icon in your region. According to CPM, wraps are the most efficient, most effective, and most cost effective forms of advertising. On average, you can generate anywhere between 30,000-50,000 impressions per day, depending on how much you drive and where you plan to park your vehicle.

Does the wrap affect the paint?

As long as the vehicle’s paint and clear coat are in good standing condition and did not get a secondary paint job, the wrap will not peel off any paint. It actually protects and prolongs the paint from the sun’s UV light.

Can I wash my car when it’s wrapped?

Yes, we encourage people to wash their car, because it actually helps in its longevity. However, we advise that you not bring it into a car wash or use a high pressure hose. Hand Wash would be most recommended. However, over the years our customers have still
brought their vehicles to a car wash and/or had them pressure washed and yet we have not received any call backs of the material lifting.

Why a car wrap vs paint?

Car wraps are cheaper, faster, easier to maintain, contain more variety and do not reduce the value of your vehicle. Because the original paint is protected underneath, the value of your car does not reduce accordingly. If your car is keyed or is scratched, you do not have to repaint practically the whole car to make sure the colors match up. Simply peel off the section that is scratched and re-wrap it. More affordable and much quicker.

Why wrap vs vinyl lettering?

The difference between wrap and vinyl lettering is the difference between a postage stamp and a billboard. Wrapping a vehicle grabs the attention of the viewer much more than lettering and also looks more professional.